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When and Why Should You Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer in California

When and Why Should You Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer in California

California has one of the highest truck-accident fatalities in the US. In the past decade, the state has averaged more than 250 fatalities per year due to truck accidents. Highways are particularly dangerous, having the highest number of truck accident-related deaths. 

Due to their large size, accidents involving trucks often lead to catastrophic injuries. In the majority of cases, the injuries are so severe that they result in a disability. 

Have you or your loved one have suffered severe injuries due to truck accidents? If so, you should contact a truck Bernard & Bernard Attorneys to file a claim against the guilty driver. 

Why Hire a Professional Truck Accident Injury Lawyer?

Accidents involving truck accidents result in devastating consequences. Individuals have to undergo surgeries in the majority of the situations. The accidents tend to result in serious long term injury. 

When you file a lawsuit, you are going not only against the truck driver but also the truck company. The lawsuit, in most cases, involves hundreds of thousands of dollars. That is why truck companies aggressively defend the case. 

To have any chance against the strong defense team of the truck company, you need to be well prepared. This is where the services of Bernard & Bernard Attorneys will be invaluable for you.

Collect Evidence to Prove Guilt of the Driver

Bernard & Bernard Attorneys know which evidence can prove the guilt of an at-fault driver. Our attorneys will go at great length to determine the liability of the accident. 

Our expert lawyers will interview witnesses and surveillance footage. Moreover, our lawyer will review the employment history and qualifications of the driver. Our lawyers will also look at alcohol and drug test reports. 

Our experienced attorneys will also review the truck’s electronic control module (ECM). Also known as the black box, the ECM shows operational data. Looking at the ECM, our attorneys will know the highest speed, use of seat belt, time-driven, and other vital data. The data can prove the guilt of the driver in a truck accident case. 

Meet Court Obligations

If you don’t hire a truck accident lawyer, you will have difficulty in meeting deadlines. You will also face problems in filing legal documents as per the required format. An incorrect or late filing can jeopardize your case. It will delay your case or worse result in rejection of the claim.

Our expert attorneys will help you meet all the court requirements. Our attorneys will create the papers in the prescribed format. Moreover, our attorneys will submit them within the deadline. This will ensure that the case continues without any delay.

Determine Damages Due to Truck Accident

Without legal knowledge, you will not know how to determine the damages. You can seek economic and non-economic damages due to truck accident injuries. Our attorneys can calculate the damages you should seek from the guilty party. 

Economic damages include loss of wages, medical expenses, legal fees, and property damages. Non-economic damages include physical pain and emotional anguish due to the injury. 

Determining non-economic damages are particularly difficult for truck accident cases. Hiring a truck accident lawyer is the only way to determine the monetary amount of these damages. Our attorneys will use expert judgment to estimate the damages you should seek.

Use the Right Strategy

Our accident lawyers will know what strategies to use in the court. Our legal experts will know the right tactics that can help in a successful case outcome. Our attorneys will object in case a testimony against you contradicts earlier statements. Moreover, our attorneys will object if the defense team uses false evidence. Our expert attorneys will also assess the chain of evidence to detect any anomaly. 

You can’t know if the defense used the proper process to collect evidence. Only an expert can point out improper strategies of the defense team.

Present a Strong Case in Court

Our attorneys are experienced in truck accident cases and can present a strong case in the court. Our attorneys will use the collected evidence to convince the guilt of the defendant. The help of Bernard & Bernard Attorneys will increase the odds of a favorable court outcome.

When Should You Contact a Truck Accident Attorney?

You should hire an attorney soon after an accident. The earlier you contact a lawyer, the higher are the chances of a successful case outcome. 

You need to hire an attorney if the crash resulted in serious injuries, and the fault is not apparent. Our attorneys will gather the evidence required to determine the fault of the truck driver. 

Make sure you contact Bernard & Bernard Attorneys within the time specified in the Statute of Limitations. The Code of Civil Procedure 335.1 mentions the time limit for filing truck accident cases. As per the law, you should submit a truck accident case within two years of the accident. Failing to file within the specified period will bar you from claiming compensation. 

Remember that losses due to truck accidents should be significant. Small ‘fender-benders’ do not usually need the services of a lawyer. You can settle such matters with the insurance company without any outside help. 

Contact Bernard & Bernard Attorneys, Personal Injury Lawyers for Truck Accidents in California

Hiring Bernard & Bernard Attorneys can help save a great deal of effort in fighting a lawsuit. The help of our attorneys will help you avoid legal headaches down the road. 

With the help of our professional attorneys, you are more likely to get the needed compensation. Our expert lawyers will go the extra mile to prove the liability of the at-fault party. The compensation amount will help you in easing the financial burden due to the injuries. 

The sooner you hire Bernard & Bernard Attorneys, the better. Our expert attorneys will guide you through the legal process involved in filing a lawsuit. You are more likely to win a truck accident case with the help of our experienced attorneys.

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